How to Draft Good Disclosure: In-House Perspective (#2)

Another great panel! In this 39-minute video, join Leidos’ Henrique Canarim, Etsy’s Jennifer Card and Intel’s Alex Shukhman as they discuss:

1. When you’re working on brand new disclosure – some new development or a new rule requirement – what is your recommended process for starting? Bulleted outlines, reviewing other sample disclosures?

2. When you do look at peer disclosures, what type of “peers” do you look at? And how many peer disclosures?

3. When updating a section of disclosure, what are you looking for to change? How much diligence do you conduct?

4. How much do you think about design when you draft? Do you rely on others more for that type of thing?

5. When you are in charge of a disclosure team, what is your process to ensure people deliver timely and competently?

6. Any other disclosure tips to offer?

Here’s the companion video that offers more in-house perspectives on these same topics…

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