Announcing the “Transparency Scientific Committee”!

We have assembled a great team for the “Transparency Scientific Committee” – a nice mix of collegial folks from our field with a wide variety of experience and expertise. As laid out in the Committee Charter, the committee operates independently to update the objective criteria that is used to determine the annual “Transparency Awards” (the Committee also oversees the Awards ). The core of the Committee’s mission is to represent the interests of readers of corporate disclosure – and the Committee is also dedicated to providing disclosure practitioners with opportunities for which they can further their professional development and receive recognition for their efforts in drafting corporate disclosure that is transparent.

The seven members are:

  1. Donna Anderson, CFA, Vice President, Head of Corporate Governance — T. Rowe Price Group
  2. Doug Chia, President, Soundboard Governance; former Executive Director, The Conference Board ESG Center; former Chair, Society of Corporate Governance
  3. Ginny Fogg, Consultant; retired General Counsel, Norfolk Southern; former Chair, Society of Corporate Governance
  4. Dan Goelzer, former PCAOB Board Member and Acting Chair; former SASB Board Member; former SEC General Counsel
  5. Courteney Keatinge, Senior Director, Environmental, Social & Governance Research — Glass Lewis & Co.
  6. Broc Romanek, Transparency Champion, editor; former editor of, and
  7. Carol Ward, Corporate Governance and Business Advisor; retired, Vice President and Corporate Secretary, Mondelez International (formerly Kraft Foods) and Corporate Secretary and Chief Compliance Officer, CIGNA Corporation; former Chair, Society of Corporate Governance

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