Good Advice from a Former Investor

Francis Byrd – Managing Partner of Alchemy Strategies Partners LLC – has seen it all, having worked at three investors (TIAA; State of Connecticut; New York City Comptroller’s Office – New York City Pension Funds); one rating agency (Moody’s) and two proxy solicitors.

In this 20-minute video, Francis joins us to discuss:

  1. Engagement seems to be the watchword for the relationship between investors and companies. How should companies view the “necessity” of engaging with investors?
  2. Companies feel under pressure to develop various ESG programs and disclosure metrics. How might attorneys respond to boards/senior management requesting guidance?
  3. The establishment of an investor relations program is presumed to be a solid sword and shield for a company, but what role should outside counsel play in IR?
  4. Once an investor makes contact and requests a meeting with the CEO and/or board members, what is best way to go about prepping and handling such a meeting?
  5. How do you determine the true motivation for an investor who turns “activist”?

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