The Transparency Stats for the S&P 250 Companies

When I blogged a few days ago about our 2023 Transparency Awards Winners, you may have toggled over to our “Transparency Awards” website. If you did, you would have found this wonderfully, detailed 27-page report about the results and highlights of our review of the relative transparency in the proxies, Form 10-Ks, ESG reports, IR web sites and codes of conduct for the S&P 250 companies.

The report goes into great detail for each of these five types of documents. For example, you can learn the proxy statement stats about letters from leadership, the business and ESG highlights sections, the description of mission & purpose – and a host of other governance and executive pay stats. This report reveals the heart & soul of our process to determine the eventual Awards Winners. So you want to check it out to help you in your journey to provide more transparent disclosure year after year…

A hat tip to Molly Doran and Jenn Cooney for putting together this detailed report and the large team at Labrador that slugs these documents for the S&P 250 companies to make this all happen! That is not an easy task!

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